Heavy Bag Hangers & Stands

When it comes to hanging a heavy bag, TITLE Boxing has all the bases covered. We offer professional heavy bag hangers for ceiling and wall mounting, at home and in the gym. In addition, find a wide variety of punching bag stands that are a great option when hanging a heavy bag is not possible. Whether mounting a traditional heavy bag, large Thai style heavy bag, water heavy bag, specialty heavy bag, double end bag, or more, TITLE Boxing has every option available. All crafted and engineered to stand up to the pounding and punishment of boxing, MMA, and combat sports training. 

In many homes and even in some commercial gyms, it’s not possible to mount into a ceiling or wall. This is where a heavy bag stand comes into play. A punching bag stand might be needed in a home to avoid structural damage, drilling into a wall, having to remove dry wall, or just to reduce the amount of vibrating or shaking that hitting a bag can create. The same is true for a traditional gym, but a boxing bag stand might be necessary due to restrictions placed on gym property that is being rented or leased.

In both cases, punching bag stands take the place of traditional wall or ceiling mounts and give the user added flexibility for placement of the bags. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but the gyms that are able to use wall or ceiling mounts for the bags may feel like that’s the best option for creating a more open and usable space. Heavy bags, double end bags, speed bag platforms, and reflex bags can easily be mounted from ceiling rafters, into studs in the wall, or directly in the floor, instead of using a punching bag stand.

All boxing bag stands, walls, ceiling, and floor mounts should be constructed of heavy gauge steel to reduce vibration, improve safety, and ensure durability to withstand heavy punching. Most punching bag stands are made to hold a variety of bags: double end, speed bags, horizontal bags, uppercut bags, or heavy bags of varying sizes and weights. Regardless, even if a wall mounted or free-standing heavy bag stand is only going to be holding a limited amount of weight, it is always better to have more stability than what is expected to be needed.

With free standing units, wall, or ceiling mounts it’s important to remember to allow for space to work all the way around a bag. It’s good to account for movement of the bag as well. All bags should be hung or mounted so that, as it swings back and forth, there is still plenty of room for the athlete to properly move. If there is limited space to move, stand at a distance, and use angles, an athlete might create bad habits and not use their full range of motion. A punching bag stand or where a bag is mounted shouldn’t make a fighter restrict their movements or change their fighting style.

A good way to get the best use of a punching bag stand is to use it as a circuit, alternating the heavy bags or light bags that are mounted so that the athletes change their approach and switch between speed vs. power. A regular heavy bag stand also allows a coach to position all their fighters within close enough proximity to watch, correct, and teach each athlete.

Need help choosing the right hanger or stand for your home or gym? We are here for you! Email us at info@titleboxing.com.