Freestanding Bags

The unique design and ingenuity of freestanding bags is ideal for home or apartment settings, or anywhere a traditional heavy bag cannot be hung from the ceiling. Freestanding heavy bags also provide a distinctive movement from bottom to top – opposite of a hanging heavy bag – providing a more natural rhythm and movement to heavy bag training. Freestanding bags can be moved or rolled to and from the workout area, making them portable to keep the training area clear when not using. 
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While most bags are mounted from a ceiling or a wall unit, there are some instances when this might not be best or even possible. That’s when you can choose to use a punching bag with a stand.

Most freestanding heavy bags are designed with a large base that can be filled with water or sand for stability. For home gyms or commercial gyms that have the option, there are also styles that mount directly into the floor. The benefit of using either type of standing punching bag is that it moves in a similar way to an opponent, with all action coming from the floor.

A freestanding punching bag with a fillable base can also be moved around easily, pushed aside if needed or moved to the middle of a workout area so there is a full 360 degrees of movement around the bag. A punching bag with a stand provides more flexibility in terms of location. Since they aren’t mounted or secured to anything, they can be used virtually anywhere, in any type of setting. That makes them ideal for home use, moving outside or placed in any gym that has limited space.

In an ideal situation, a gym would be filled with various styles of bags with different shapes, weights, sizes, with some mounted into the ceiling, others attached to walls, and even punching bags with a stand.

The different ways a bag is hung can affect how it moves, reacts, and provides a slightly different experience. For instance, a punching bag with a stand won’t swing or move near as much as a heavy bag that is hung from a high ceiling. In some cases, this makes the workout harder because it takes less time for the bag to bounce back from each punch.

There are also a variety of freestanding punching bags that range from traditional heavy bags to spring loaded versions and even reflex bags that focus on speed and head movement. The type of punching bag with a stand that is used may affect how much energy is expended during a workout. The more demanding and faster reflexes that must be used, the better the workout.

The flexibility of movement, freedom from mounting and maximum effort required for training on them, make free standing punching bags an ideal part of all boxing workouts.

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